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F Kuiper B.V. contact details are available for our customers as per list below. The tree nursery is in this location for years now. The access to the main road is great and lorries can come to us in a very easy way.

We are very close to Veendam and the main roads to Germany as well as down south to central and south Netherlands. We can supply Sweden and Denmark very well from the north of Groningen. We regularly ship to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Airfreight can be organised as well . We have regular consighnments from Veendam in boxes as well as pallets to our customers worldwide.

Company NameF. Kuiper BV
AddressVosseveld 6
9644 XW Veendam
The Netherlands
Telephone number+31 (0) 598 619 410
Mobile+31 (0) 653 149 095
Fax number+31 (0) 598 619 136
CoCGroningen no. 02320706
BankABN AMRO – Veendam
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