Quality care

F. Kuiper B.V. is a world wide supplier of rootstocks , plants and trees.

Thuja smaragd

We deliver quality plants to customers all over the world since 1886. Quality care and management, flexibility, reliability and innovation are important for us. F. Kuiper B.V. applies the strictest quality requirements for its own production in Veendam and cultivated with suppliers elsewhere . The quality of the crops is constantly monitored .

F Kuiper’s own production in the Netherlands is inspected by Naktuinbouw during the whole production process .

Foreign inspection services and/or phytosanitary services inspect the plants at the production locations abroad.

Conditioned storage, proper packaging and, when required, conditioned transport to the customers all contribute towards the good quality of the plants delivered by Kuiper.

Over the years F Kuiper B.V. is well known as a very reliable grower and supplier for rootstocks and hedging plants . Our customers keep coming back to us because our service is great and reliable . Please do contact us for more information if required by you.

Trading Conditions

All offers and agreements are subject to the conditions of sale and delivery of F. Kuiper B.V.