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We are pleased to help you with your questions regarding plants, rootstocks nursery, hedging, trees or complete garden projects . Customers ususally call or mail for information about prices, sizes, deliveries, and stock .

When is stock available is an important question as well. You may want other info on our stock. Please do contact us for questions you may have. Our team is there for you.

There are a lot of questions about plants because they are alive material . We treat our plants with utmost care so that they have the best start when they land with you.

It is our goal to make sure the supplied Hedging and Trees plants are doing well so that it is a pleasure to look at them. Please do ask our team to make sure you get it right. We do not mind helping you if we can.

Plants are usually there to look at for a longer period. You can always ask recommendations on pruning, fertilising . Also where to position what plants is a topic. Enough sunlight or not….please ask.

Magnolia Pleached Evergreen Trees

Magnolia pleached

Photinia Pleached Trees

Photinia trees

Bare Root Tree

Bare root trees

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