Hedging and Rootstocks production

Kuiper Veendam is a well known grower of plants on stoolbeds, hedging, cuttings and transplanted material around Veendam.

We have competent contract growers home and abroad to complement the production in the Veendam area. These locations include:

Dutch centres for trees, conifers, shrubs, hedging.

  • United Kingdom and Germany.
  • France and Italy.
  • Central and eastern Europe.

Kuiper Veendam is growing plants in ideal soil and under optimum climatic conditions.
We are able to serve our customers in the best possible way with our quality plants.

Yew hedging

Hedging and Trees

Hedging Taxus and Thuja root balled and pot grown plants are available all year round. Rootstocks for fruit are supplied worldwide.

Trees and shrubs are also available to supply projects. Please send us your quotations per email on info@kuiperveendam.com

We will be pleased to help with your plants and trees requirements.